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Hong Kong’s world-famous tournament will move to a larger, more modern stadium at the old airport site next year, and organisers must ensure that the atmosphere is at least equal to, if not better than, its former and much beloved home at So Kon Po.

As some choose to emigrate to Australia, Britain and Canada, Hong Kong must be reminded of its resilience and make its case as a destination to attract and retain talent.

The new criteria for changing the gender on ID cards is a step forward for the transgender community, but the government should be open to feedback on whether the requirements are too strict.

Given city’s ageing population, the government should conduct more promotional activities on end-of-life planning, such as talks and tours of memorial gardens, so that more people may opt for sustainable alternatives and ease demands on burial facilities.

  • Governing council says allegations made in whistle-blower emails regarding misconduct by vice-chancellor Xiang Zhang not substantiated
  • Zhang says his ‘name has been finally cleared’ after six months of investigations

Broadcaster RTHK has highest vacancy rate at 23.8 per cent – 175 jobs – unfilled; police force tops the numbers game with 6,837 posts open, almost 18 per cent of establishment.


Head of local firefighters’ division also says unregistered structural changes found at 60-year-old New Lucky House, where fire claimed five lives and left 43 injured.


Readers discuss the recent changes to the policy allowing transgender individuals to change their gender on their ID cards, and the waste-charging scheme.

Veteran photojournalist had 40,000 rolls of film to his name, capturing major events such as the 1967 riots, Bruce Lee’s funeral and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to the city.

Deputy health secretary Sam Hui says private sector accounts for more than 60 per cent of record views, but only contributes less than 1 per cent of data uploaded.