Americas and the Caribbean

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse highlights the working conditions of Latino immigrants in the US. Ideologues scapegoat immigrants from Mexico and Central America despite benefiting from their labour.

  • Peru to help man apply to the Guinness World Records for independent verification
  • The oldest living woman is 117, while the oldest person ever verified reached 122

Quito’s security forces stormed the Mexican embassy on Friday to capture fugitive former vice-president Jorge Glas, who took refuge inside to avoid arrest for alleged corruption.


Setting up shop in Mexico helps avoid US tariffs, but Chinese companies still must confront major concerns about labour costs, profitability and cultural differences.


Dina Boluarte, who said she would not resign, is being investigated for allegedly acquiring an undisclosed collection of luxury watches since becoming vice-president in 2021 and then president in 2022.

Former president’s embassy stay raises questions about his plans as he faces multiple criminal investigations. Brazilian police cannot arrest a politician staying at a foreign embassy.

Killing of Franco, a black, bisexual city councillor, shook Brazil. Chiquinho Brazão and brother Domingos Brazão were arrested for ‘ordering hit against Franco’.

Cuba’s government protested as interventionist comments from the US following demonstrations against power blackouts and food shortages by hundreds of people in eastern Cuba.

Polls show only 13.9 per cent of Venezuelans plan to vote for the incumbent, but popular rival Maria Corina Machado is facing a ban from holding public office.

A powerful gang leader in Haiti has issued a threatening message aimed at political leaders who would participate in a planned transition council.


Kenya has decided to pause its deployment of 1,000 police officers to lead an international security mission in Haiti following Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s announcement that he would tender his resignation.

The US accused the former leader of abusing his power by accepting millions of dollars in bribes from traffickers to protect their US-bound cocaine shipments.

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry is being pressured to quit or present a plan for a new government, as gang leaders who have unleashed deadly violence tighten their grip on the country.

A group demonstrating over 43 missing students tried to force their way into the building as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was giving a news conference inside.

Attack on airport occurred just hours after authorities in Haiti ordered a nighttime curfew following violence in which armed gang members overran the two biggest prisons.