Alex Lo
Alex Lo
Alex Lo has been a Post columnist since 2012, covering major issues affecting Hong Kong and the rest of China. A journalist for 25 years, he has worked for various publications in Hong Kong and Toronto as a news reporter and editor. He has also lectured in journalism at the University of Hong Kong.

Mainland China is sanctioned for selling dual-use civilian materials but island supplier of key explosive for artillery shells appears to get friendly advice to redirect sales to EU.


Putin and Xi think their countries need ‘manly men’, racial unity is a strength, and ‘wokeism’ is destroying the West. A pioneering decade-old Pentagon study agrees with them.

China’s contrasting political repression and economic development in Tibet and Xinjiang does not hold a candle to US-sponsored state terrorism by Israel against the Palestinian people.

The status of the city as an outpost of the imperial West, and as a wedge against mainland China after 1997, has come to an end. Its bright future is to be another Chinese city, but not just.

Influential author Parag Khanna says the Belt and Road Initiative is exactly the blueprint needed in this age of uncertainty and instability.

The Basic Law as the constitutional foundation of the city contains two equally legitimate but contradictory visions which, in the end, prove to be incompatible.

On Washington’s telling, Beijing is spreading authoritarianism through producing goods and building infrastructure around the world while the US is promoting freedom and democracy by bombing and selling weapons.

Mega-starred series Expats keeps generating controversies, with the latest being allegations of censorship as the city’s viewers can’t watch two premiered episodes.

While it’s unclear whether Iran can be blamed for the drone killing of three US soldiers, it’s American decision makers like the president who put them in harm’s way in the first place.

Jens Stoltenberg may sound like an anti-China hawk but he seems to have no idea what Beijing wants from the wars in Ukraine and Palestine.

Sunak and Cameron can keep repeating the same lie about our city but the UK domestic security law introduced last year is even more restrictive and has been denounced by UN rights chief.

This year may see a farcical replay of the vicious presidential election of 1800, marking extreme partisanship and distrust of government that led to civil strife.

John Mearsheimer, in an interview, also argues South Africa’s case of genocide against Israel before the ICJ will further isolate the Jewish state and the US, while Palestinians face the bleak prospect of apartheid or ethnic cleansing.