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Swimmer Siobhán Haughey. Photo: Kaon. Styling: Clarence Lau

How seed of Olympic ambition was sown in Siobhan Haughey, Hong Kong athlete

Swimming sensation Siobhan Haughey takes the Post through the process that led to her becoming the most accomplished Hong Kong competitor of all time in the pool.

12 Apr 2024 - 9:10PM
David Richards, former head of the British Armed Forces, in Hong Kong. The retired general reflects on his rise through the ranks and battles with his political masters, and why Colin Firth wanted to play him in a film. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

From white kneed in Singapore to head of UK armed forces, David Richards

The former head of UK armed forces tells Kate Whitehead about his rise through the ranks and why Colin Firth wanted to play him in a film about fighting rebels in Sierra Leone.

6 Apr 2024 - 8:06PM
Zhang Youyi in Washington DC, United States. Photo: the Hsu Family

She escaped bound feet, was the first Chinese divorcee. Who was this woman?

A writer and filmmaker recounts her Chinese great-grandmother’s remarkable journey, from rejecting having her feet bound as a toddler in Shanghai to being matriarch of a far-flung and adoring family.

1 Apr 2024 - 7:15AM
Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp surviver Andrei Iwanowitsch in Hong Kong in February 2024. The 98-year-old shares his near-death experiences, and why he’s happy to be finally seeing the world. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

Nazi concentration camp survivor who faced death on seeing the world at last

Ukraine-born Andrei Iwanowitsch is among the last survivors of the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp. After forced labour, a death march, and a ‘narrow’ life in Soviet Belarus, at 98 he’s seeing the world .

31 Mar 2024 - 8:22AM
Reginald Johnston, Wanrong and Isabel Ingram in the Forbidden City. The life of China’s final imperial ruler may have been immortalised by way of a Hollywood blockbuster, but less known is that of Puyi’s wife Wanrong and her American tutor Isabel Ingram.

China’s last empress and the American tutor who became her friend

China’s final imperial ruler had his British tutor, Reginald Johnston, but less known are the lives of Puyi’s wife Wanrong and her American tutor, Isabel Ingram. Paul French explores their friendship.

5 Apr 2024 - 2:49AM
Barry Quek, Jordy Navarra, Masashi Okamoto and Coleman Griffin at Duca Farm in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, Japan. Photo: Ito Ittetsu Matsuoka

Top Asian chefs unite on Japanese forest retreat to cook a unique feast

Deep in the forests of Japan’s Nagano prefecture, six of Asia’s best chefs came together. With fresh produce and new ideas, they made a special six-course dinner – and new friendships.

26 Mar 2024 - 9:55AM
Movana Chen at her Knitting Conversations exhibition ongoing at M+. The Hong Kong artist, best known for her clothes knitted from shredded magazines, reveals how her work has helped her forge friendships all around the world. Photo: Edmond So

Magazine-shredding artist Movana Chen on using paper to ‘make love’

The Hong Kong artist known for using shredded magazine paper to knit clothes tells Kate Whitehead how her unusual medium has helped her make a world of friends, and why she still writes love letters.

25 Mar 2024 - 7:15AM
PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 23: Emmanuel Perrotin and Takashi Murakami attend the Opening of the 40th Edition of the FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair at Grand Palais on October 23, 2013 in Paris, France Photo: Getty Images

‘We bring culture to your city’: gallerist on Hong Kong woes, unusual costume

French gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin explains how helping artists realise their dreams once saw him dress up as male genitalia and why Hong Kong should make more effort to accommodate foreign galleries.

25 Mar 2024 - 11:07AM
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Yang Fudong - Sparrow on the Sea, 2024 Co-commissioned by M+ and Art Basel, presented by UBS, 2024. Photo: Yang Fudong

‘Great art films can be shot in Hong Kong’: Chinese artist on M+ movie

Chinese filmmaker and painter Yang Fudong explains the premise of his latest film, showing on the giant M+ facade, and why ‘abundant’ Hong Kong makes it the ideal city in which to shoot artistic movies.

23 Mar 2024 - 1:15PM
Alison Loehnis, the Yoox Net-a-Porter boss, tells Kate Whitehead about falling in love with fashion, being trained to within an inch of her life at Ralph Lauren and how landing in London led to her dream job.

‘Fashion was freedom’: Yoox Net-a-Porter boss on London and her dream job

New Yorker Alison Loehnis, the Yoox Net-a-Porter boss, tells Kate Whitehead about falling in love with fashion, being trained to within an inch of her life at Ralph Lauren and landing her dream job in London.

18 Mar 2024 - 12:14PM
Newly minted author Sonia Leung tells Kate Whitehead about life in a Diamond Hill slum, a devastating rape and how she finally followed her dream. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Raped at 14, she was haunted for years – now her dream has come true

Fresh from her talk at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, newly minted author Sonia Leung tells Kate Whitehead about life in a Diamond Hill slum, a devastating rape and how she finally followed her dream.

11 Mar 2024 - 7:15AM
The map of the whole of China from Martino Martini’s Novus Atlas Sinensis, published in Amsterdam in 1655. A new compilation of 127 maps of China produced between 1584 and 1735 shows how mapmakers helped paint a – somewhat – accurate picture of China during this period.

How European maps helped paint a picture of China in the age of exploration

A new book containing reproductions of 127 printed European maps of Ming and Qing China from 1584 to 1735 reveals how they helped paint a reasonably accurate picture of the Middle Kingdom for the first time.

10 Mar 2024 - 5:15PM
A disco single by Frankie Kao. As Taiwan’s younger generation dust off disco records from the 1970s and ’80s, so, too, are scholars looking into how the island came to embrace a Western music genre at a time when even dancing in public was illegal.

Taiwan’s forgotten disco era and how it changed the course of Mandopop

As Taiwan’s young generation dust off disco records from the 1970s and 80s, scholars consider how the island came to embrace a Western music genre at a time when even dancing in public was illegal.

10 Mar 2024 - 7:45AM
An imperial throne in the Wang Shu Room, at the Humboldt Forum, in Berlin, Germany. Photo: David von Becker

Why German museums are scouring collections for looted Chinese artefacts

German museums have begun to research the provenance of their vast collections of imperial Chinese artefacts in an attempt to identify items that were looted amid the chaos of the Boxer war.

7 Mar 2024 - 3:56PM
A version of the Disney-designed logo which adorned the planes of the Flying Tigers, volunteer American and British fighter pilots who took to the skies to protect Free China from the Japanese during World War II. Photo: EJ Hersom/US Department of Defense

The Disney logo that symbolised China’s fight against Japan during WWII

Japan’s aerial dominance in World War II was ended by volunteer US and British fighter pilots who protected Free China in planes bearing a Flying Tigers logo designed by Disney’s best and brightest.

6 Mar 2024 - 6:21PM
British-American filmmaker Sarah Morris talks to the Post about her unique artistic language, and giving a fresh perspective on Hong Kong in her latest film, ETC. Photo: Sarah Morris

‘A new view of the city’: US artist’s film of Hong Kong, star of M+ facade

American visual artist Sarah Morris’ new film ‘ETC’ – which is being screened on the facade of M+ until March 17 – displays her unique artistic language in offering an outsider’s depiction of Hong Kong.

25 Feb 2024 - 11:15AM
Masato Hyakutake explains the difference in taste between different cuts of game meat. Photo: Mariella Kai

Game on: why hunting is trending with young urbanites in rural Japan

A new trend has emerged in Japan, with young urbanites and local clan members dusting off ancient hunting techniques and heading to rural areas in search of wild game.

24 Feb 2024 - 11:15AM
Astrid Andersson on campus at the University of Hong Kong in Pok Fu Lam. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

Hong Kong is her home – and protecting its wildlife is her passion

Wildlife trade researcher Astrid Andersson tells Kate Whitehead how her passion for Hong Kong and its flora and fauna fuelled a career in conservation.

19 Feb 2024 - 9:16AM
Searching for Billie: A journalist’s quest to understand his mother’s past leads him to discover a vanished China By Ian Gill. Photo: Blacksmith Books

She was weak, alone, pregnant. And suddenly a prisoner of war no more

An excerpt from Searching for Billie sheds light on the life of a World War II internee at Hong Kong’s Stanley camp – the author’s mother – in the chaotic days following the Japanese surrender.

18 Feb 2024 - 11:15AM
Artist Chang Dai-chien was acclaimed for a wide-ranging oeuvre that included gongbi (a realist Chinese painting technique involving meticulous brushwork), traditional Chinese ink wash, and splashed-colour paintings (called pocai) reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism. Photo: Zhang Weimin

After ‘Picasso of the East’ left China, his life was a mystery. Until now

Chang Dai-chien, or Zhang Daqian, was one of China’s most famous 20th-century artists, but little is known of his life after he left his homeland in 1949. A new documentary aims to fill in the gaps.

15 Feb 2024 - 12:03PM